Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reconstructing Vintage via Ebay

I have been reconstructing clothing every since I discovered T-shirt Surgery on LiveJournal back in the day.

I've always thought reconstructing items into something new was fun and really brought out a certain level of creativity.

Nowadays, I can't remember the last time I sewed for fun.  Maybe three or four years ago?  Seems very sad, considering I used to always make new shirts for concerts and dresses for events.

Not that I don't sew at all, anymore, because, trust me, there's a lot of mending to do when you live in the world of vintage.  Hems, buttons, moth holes, all that good stuff, though I can't necessarily say it's "fun" work, but it's work.

I'm digressing, as usual, but I just went through my stock of vintage stored in the back room of the store, and got out all the items I just don't have the time to deal with.  They need more time and love than a simple hem or darn and more creativity than my brain is apt to process at the moment.

So here you go, two giant lots on eBay - one with 13 pieces and the other with 10 pieces - for your reconstructing pleasure.

There's some absolute beauties in these lots that just need a little TLC and love to make them into something spectacular.  Or, if you're a costumer, they could easily be used for stage, as most have holes and stains that couldn't be seen from far away.

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