Friday, January 25, 2013

Introducing -- MENS!

During our Holiday Hop Block Party around Christmastime, I had a cute couple come in, and, while I was checking them out (she bought one of my favorite dresses in the shop at the time -- a purple geometric print 50s dress), they began talking to me about if I bought anything from people and if I was interested in mens.

The answer to both of those questions was, "Yes."

I get quite a few guys coming into the shop asking about menswear, more than I ever thought I would get, and I have begun to start searching for it.  Men's however, I've come to find, is harder to find.

But here, I had two people who were asking to bring things in and show them to me.  I was all about that.

A month later, I got an email from Jade, asking if her and her husband could come in and bring things for me to look at.  The next day, they came, I searched through giant bags of vintage, and here are the beginnings of the men's section at Ollie Otson.

Hope you guys (and I really do mean GUYS) enjoy!

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