Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jackie O

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a fashion icon during her time as First Lady.  Her looks launched designers or made them household names in the nation, and women strived to keep up with her looks and changing style.
Oleg Cassini was a family friend who made a whole wardrobe just for her when she became the First Lady, including her Inauguration Day coat and gala gown.  Lilly Pulitzer was a school friend, and her looks shot to fame when Jackie appeared on the cover of Life magazine wearing one of her dresses.  Not to mention, the pink and navy blue Chanel dress Jackie wore the day her husband was assassinated that became an iconic symbol of the 1960s.

Her clean cut suits with three-quarter sleeves and knee-length skirts and her a-line dresses marked the look of the 60s and paired with a pill-box hat and low pumps because the "Jackie Look" every woman started to imitate.

After her years as the First Lady, Jackie took a more relaxed look to fashion, opting for bell-bottoms, head scarves, and peasant skirts over structured suits, but women still copied her looks and the trends she set.  When she began to wear jeans in public, her look of white jeans and long black sweaters became a classic staple in wardrobes across the country.

Her looks are now iconic and still seen in fashion today, which is no wonder considering the classic beauty and grace she exonerated.

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