Monday, April 1, 2013

Kodachromes of Women in the Workplace

I have a sister, not a brother, which meant that, while growing up, if anything needed to be done around the house, we had to help my dad do it.  He was a carpenter by trade, so we were always helping with the numerous home improvement projects around the house or we would take nails and pieces of scrap wood while he was building something and put them together to create little works of art.  I remember I once made a plane-looking thing, and he helped my put a working propeller on it.  I was beyond happy.

Because of this upbringing, I am fiercely independent (and slightly pigheaded when it comes to asking for help), and can do basically anything when it comes to renovations.  Paint, yeah, no problem.  Hang drywall, sure, why not?  Re-tile a floor or put down lamenent, of course!  Gardening, mowing the lawn, cleaning up this, shining up that, we did it all in terms of construction.

Looking at these photos, I think of how grateful I am that these women paved the way for me to be able to do these things and not be seen as a "wild woman."  As much as I love wearing dresses and makeup, I like to feel useful and have no time to wait around for a "man" to change my lightbulbs.  I'm sure these women felt the same way, even if they were seen as "rebels" of their time.

See more of the photo collection here.

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