Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The 1922 Collection by Warby Parker

At least a couple times a month, I get someone who comes into the shop asking if I have any 1920s garments.  They tell me they're going to a party and need something to wear, and, of course, don't want to buy a cheap, run-of-the-mill costume made of polyester from a party store.

This is when I , sadly, have to explain that garments from the 20s are so beautifully delicate with craftsmanship so astounding you wouldn't want to just wear them for a party, but rather put them on display like a piece of art in your home, and steer them over to the rack of 60s dresses with drop-waists that mimic the style of the 20s.

The thing is, they're not original 1920s, but the look is the same, repeated forty years later and made fashionable again.  Fashion is like anything else -- history, art, literature -- it tends to repeat the same ideas and images throughout its course.  The best part is, an era of fashion history so celebrated and favored, can be revived and still made pertinent to this day.

This season, the look of the 20s is being seen in modern-day fashion once again.  Drop-waist dresses, fringe, beading, and bobs were all sent down the runways and are all making an appearance in stores around the world as this summers "must haves."

And to finish off the look for all the four-eyed friends like myself, steps in Warby Parker, a mail-order company that specialized in vintage-inspired glasses and sunglasses for every day, with their new 1922 Collection that reminisces of a time when moonshine flowed and dances whirled.

They're offering three pairs in the new collection, all of which are available as sunglasses as well --

The Porter (my personal favorite) - Acetate frames in two colors of tortoise shell (Gimlet on the left and Whiskey on the right) that are more egg-shaped and give off a classically modern feel.

The Duke - A lightweight, stainless steel frame in either silver or gold that is perfectly round and wonderfully antiqued, giving you a studious look.

The Joplin (I love these as sunglasses) - Wide-spaced frames in stainless steel that are something very aesthetically different from any glasses of today, while allowing you to look dapper and professional at the same time.

The best part is, whether you're trying to achieve the Great Gatsby look or you're looking for a classic look to wear in the modern day, any of these frames would represent the image you're trying to achieve and they will far surpass the trends of the season.

Remember, fashion trends may come and go, but timeless pieces, like any of these frames, will forever remain stylish.

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