Monday, April 8, 2013

New York, New York

When I was in second grade, I marched up to my mom and declared I was moving to New York when I turned 18, and she couldn't stop me.  She laughed, and for the next ten years basically continued to do so until I actually boarded the plan and left home.

I didn't end up in New York City, but Savannah, Georgia, instead, but New York still fascinates me.

Having visited, I love the architecture and the busyness of the people in the streets.  I love cities, no matter how chaotic they are, and who couldn't help but be mesmerized by those skyscrapers?  Plus, you have a maze of bridges and roads, with interesting people rat-racing through them.

Old photography really intrigues me.  I love looking at old prints of Savannah and comparing them to what is there now, and doing that with these prints of NYC is no different.  Look at Coney Island as it's being built.  Time's Square back in the day.  The bridges before they were connecting anything.  It's amazing.

I find it refreshing to look back and see the past.  If we don't remember it, we can't relive it and appreciate where we are now.

More photos available here.

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