Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paper Dolls of Vintage Fashions

I remember my first set of paper dolls.  The were of Samantha from the American Girl Series.  My sister had Molly, and we would sit for hours and dress them up and play with them.  They were the only dolls my sister would actually play with, and I think that was because they had historical significance (history really intrigued her as a child.  Instead of reading "normal" books for kids our age, she chose instead to read diaries of girls who lived through the Civil War or came over from a foreign country on a ship).

Nowadays, I still love paper dolls, and when I was gifted a set of these books years ago from a friend, I fell in love with the designs.  I used to paint these prints for assignments in my costume classes.  Now, I have quite a few framed and hung in the two dressing rooms of the shop.  One room is the 1920s and the other is the 1960s.

The books are priced great, too, so if you ever see them in a shop, pick some up and make some art or introduce your little girl/niece/cousin to the art and love of fashion paper dolls.

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